Radio Flyer All Terrain Balance Bike Reviews

Radio Flyer All Terrain Balance Bike Reviews

The Radio Flyer All Terrain Balance Bike is a sturdy grow-with-me bike that will delight the kids and impress the parents. It is fun to ride and teaches the focus, balancing and coordination needed to ride a bike. Learning through enjoyable activities is always easier for children and this pedal-free beginner bike offers the best opportunity to develop confidence and riding comprehension. The many excellent Radio Flyer All Terrain Balance Bike reviews commend it as being worth the effort and the purchase price.

Product Specifications

  • Pedal-free beginner bike
  • Best gear to learn focus and balance
  • Sturdy & light weight steel frame
  • Adaptable cushion seat
  • Real Air Tires
  • 12” Air Tires for a smooth ride
  • Real ringing bell for added fun
  • Carton Dimensions: 29.20″ L x 6.30″ W x 13.40″ H
  • Product Dimensions: 34.25 x 16 x 20 inches”
  • Item Weight: 9.75 pounds
  • Weight Capacity = 50 lbs.
  • Ages: 2½-5 Years

A Beginner Bike

The first ride-on bike is a great dream and desire for any kid aged 2-5 years. The Radio Flyer All Terrain Balance Bike increases this appeal to the parent/guardian by providing a safe, smooth and comfortable ride. This great looking bike comes with soft touch hand grips to grasp the bike handle and maneuver it while easily pushing/gliding pedal-free. The design of this bike fulfills all safety standards, greatly diminishing the possibility of falling from it. It produces confidence and spirit in the children to develop their style and coordination while riding. This type of bike is far more supportive and easier to learn than the more wobbly and frustrating training wheels that leave the kids just struggling to power them early on. The balance and muscle training on the Balance Bike converts the child over to the pedal versions far faster and easier.

Easy Mobility

The Radio Flyer All Terrain Balance Bike has real 12″ air tires to enhance the bike’s mobility by griping and handling the surface conditions more readily than hard rubber tires; which helps with the overall performance and confidence of the rider.

Real Ringing Bell

Another feature is the real ringing bell that is placed on the handle of this two-wheeler. It is an additional fun feature that imparts an adult look to the bike.
Easy to assemble
The Radio Flyer All Terrain Balance Bike is easy to assemble in little time. Both the seat and handle are convertible with the help of a lever and to adjust it accordingly, for any child and size. For guidance, you may consult the well described language in the assembly manual that accompanies the new bike.
Design and Material/Long Term Trainer
Built with a durable but light-weight steel frame, this trendy Radio Flyer All Terrain Balance Bike features an attractive design with a comfortable and adjustable seat to match the height and capacity of any child and thus allows use for years until they are competent to move to other pedal versions of small bikes; which Radio Flyer also has FYI .A very good Intro Ride-On Top Bike for young children that will give them the coordination and skills to move to other larger and pedal driven versions. Worth your time/consideration and further price comparisons.